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The factory of REALTEX TASHKENT LLC is fully equipped with modern high-tech equipment of European companies, world leaders in textile engineering in Germany, Turkey and Switzerland. Our company has been operating in the Uzbek market since 2020, despite this, our organization does not exist for long, we occupy a stable position and every year we improve, increase our potential and modernize Our products are exported to such countries as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, China, Azerbaijan. As the largest manufacturer of high-quality yarn and weaving fabric, all the works we offer are highly appreciated by our customers. The production capacity of our enterprises is 22,000 tons of yarn per year, 5,000,000 linear meters of gray fabric, 15 million dyed fabric, more than 1,000,000 pieces. finished sewn products. A well-organized infrastructure and highly qualified specialists with extensive experience ensure the production of high-quality and environmentally friendly products.

22 000 ton Yarn production per year

5 000 000 ton Linear meters of gray fabric

10 000 tons of cotton fiber processing per month